Bad Dreams

Mia woke up in the middle of the night because of a bad dream. Normally, as a mommy I feel it is my job to hold her, lay down beside her…make all the fear and bad stuff go away. Oh I just hate the tears, I hate the emotions that I can see and feel run through her tiny body.  I just want to make it all better. I want her to fall back to sleep peacefully and not have to feel scared or sad anymore.

However, last night I sensed Jesus was there with me and he wanted me to be interested in His opinion:) It was obvious He wanted me to ask, “What do I do for her right now?”  I heard that I was to pass on to my daughter what He is reteaching me right now. This is: that it is okay and even important to feel these not so easy things, at the appointed time…because it can be what draws you to Jesus.

Pain, fear, loss, grief, sadness, disappointment, are all a “normal” part of life on this planet earth.  In fact, it is these things that I feel throughout my weeks that make me lay all my tools and plans down in my busyness and surrender to Jesus. It is overwhelming clear at times that I will not be able to deal with what I am feeling without some Major Help. I am desperate and need something Greater than myself.

Imagine never feeling anything negative. Sure it would be nice and this is what every human longs for…it shows in our medicating ourselves with activity, food, fun, furniture, drugs, excitement, a new relationship, things, things, things!  Most of these are not destructive, but boy do we use them prematurely to make us feel better.  Even my little Mia, only 5 years old got hurt the other day and said, “Oh I just need a piece of candy!”  Oh my goodness-how human. We hurt and we immediately think…what will make it go away!

Well guess what?  I am realizing He may not want it to go away RIGHT away. He just may use what we feel to show us something.  Something about Him, something deeper, something stronger than the heaviness of our pain. We were not created to just make it go away.

So I laid down beside Mia and I rubbed her back and played with her hair.  I told her that I understood how scary dreams can be. I started to pray that Jesus would meet her and continue the adventure of wooing her heart to Himself…and that He would open her heart to see that it was HE that would make everything ok…because He is ok-He is still in control of all things.  I, as her physically mommy can only do so much.  He is the Great Physician, the Healer, The Great Counselor and the only answer for her soul….Himself, in her, amongst her, leading her.  She fell asleep soon after I explained all this in a 5 year olds language.  I hope she heard it…not just with her ears, but really heard it. Chances are she will need to hear it over and over…just like her mommy:)

One thought on “Bad Dreams

  1. When we need someone to be near and feel what we feel – not to take away the feeling – but to be there and love us –
    That’s why God gave us mothers and more importantly why He gave us His Son Jesus Christ.

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