A Dance with Jesus

I found myself dancing with a gentle man.  It was completely romantic, but not sexual.  A feeling I had never experienced… almost a paradox.  I was extremely drawn to him…but not moving into human arousal.  It was void of boredom, so vibrant. However, I was not interested in anything more than simply receiving from Him. He had so much to give. The obvious fact was that this man wanted to love me. He even wanted to enjoy me. I was able to received it 100%- which mind you, is not normal for me.

Yet in my dream it was all so natural. So how it should be.

  Our dance didn’t feel threatening. I was not embarrassed or stressed.  I didn’t have pressure to reciprocate. I was completely at peace and feminine as I danced in His arms. It was comforting and I was satisfied with Him leading me. I just moved with Him as He confidently was Himself. I had never encountered such complete unselfish…undivided love like that. I looked up at His face and it became clear to me that it was Jesus. We danced and danced and enjoyed each other.

He has forever rewritten for me what it means to be enjoyed.

 Life here…destructive people…can break our understanding of “being enjoyed” and what being loved may look and feel like. May we be made open and free to be in the presence of our Creator…The Great Comforter, Abba Father, the Light, the Truth, the Way, our Fortress, our Great Tower, our Protector. Even if He should ask us for a “dance”…so that, we can enjoy His presence, grow in our understanding of His love and have broken things made new.

One thought on “A Dance with Jesus

  1. Beautiful words – How true they are!!! – There is nothing more enjoyable, awesome, thrilling, and amazing than to be in Jesus’ presence. (Also – the pictures are really cute)

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