Refreshment….Let It Rain

There are times that I am aware of my need and desire for Him to just pour down over me.  I am either desperately dry- from the living and giving I am doing, or I am messed from my own selfish choices…or maybe a little of both. My human limitations have left me tired and empty. My self centered ways have made this day, these relationships, my experience here corrupted.  I do not want things to stay the same. I need a change. A washing, a filling up…I need refreshment!

Is this one of the pictures that His created rain is supposed to be to us?

His creation points to Himself. He is a giving God. He has given us good things to enjoy. Good things that re boost us.

Oh Lord would you just pour down on me right now?  May I reach my hands up to your Holy Existence, in pure need…honor…surrendering…and then RECEIVING.  I want You.  Not just a little, I want plenty…falling on my head, down to my toes. Dripping off. So much that it just keeps dripping



as I enjoy the present moment…RECEIVING. Don’t let it stop until I am ready. Ready to start over. You know what I need…You know each of us well.

  You are good. Thank you Lord. Thank you. This will do. This will do for awhile.

2 thoughts on “Refreshment….Let It Rain

  1. We all could use a nice Spiritual Shower every once in a while!! At times it appears that we are too busy or (like you stated) too self absorbed to receive one.
    (Cute model in your photos!!!)

  2. So beautiful, Amy. I love this, “My self centered ways have made this … corrupted.” How true this is. If we saw our selfishness through His eyes we would be so ashamed.

    A shower of God Himself – what a gorgeous image 🙂

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