What a mess!

I hear about a 6 year old little boy from my kids school who died sunday night of child abuse. My heart aches… no, it is beyond aching…at the thoughts that are coming to the surface of my mind of what this precious little boy experienced. Oh Jesus, what did he have to go through? Oh the scariness and pain. No comfort…no trust, at least for the adult put in charge of him. I trust You were there in some Great Comforting Way….providing for him in ways we can not imagine. There are some of us who know YOU do in fact do that…because we have been there and done that- in some shape or form.

As a mom, I am also mindful of the parent. What was going on in life?  What made it get to that point?  I know one thing….the enemy, the Destroyer of THIS world is greatly involved.  He was sure to be slinging mud and all kinds of threats, condemnation, lies and horrible warfare on the heart of that parent. It may have been thick in that home. Evil. What deep wounds already existed?  What great deceit added to the layers of an already unhealthy heart occurred that night? The great deceiver was so happy he was winning. Sick, sick, sick to think of it.

There are times of spiritual attack when I myself can feel like this picture…the enemies has spit enough lies on me that stick and everything starts to feel not just sloppy, wet, messy… but crunchy.

I hate this!  I hate what the enemy is out to do to the precious people of this world!!  God’s created beings-being slapped around.  Walking around, muddy messes. Maybe slapping others.  Sometimes this person may try to smile. Trying to convince him/herself that this is life…I am fine. They are used to wearing the mud.

But we are not meant…we were not created to stay like this. Lord by your power, by Your saving grace alone- will you please empower us to fall back into You and be washed….the mud and crud falling off. You are the Savior! You are the Living Water! You cleanse, quench, and hold us up.  Please continue to free us and give us joy as we admit we can not stand on our own. We can not fight our own battle. We need You. We must fall back….TRUST…learn how to back float, face up towards You…surrendered and then enjoy what only You can give. Wash us and continue to equip us.   You are the Great Redeemer!  You are a PRO at redeeming, redoing, renewing things.

Help us to be mindful of the mud that is sticking. It does effect us.  It does effect those around us that we love. It is destructive.  Some of it we feel and see. Some others see for us. Give us the humility to open our hearts to change things.  Help us to willingly dive in regularly and be transformed. For Your Glory and for the good of oursleves and those around us we love.

Thank you Lord, we know You are in control.

One thought on “What a mess!

  1. Tears of sadness for the little boy (and many other children) that suffer because of the “mud” that adults around them carry.
    Tears of joy for the hope for all of us that is only found in Christ.

    Amy – Beautiful words – Beautiful message for us! Thanks again for sharing your heart. God bless.

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