All The Different Parts!

The body of Christ….different parts….working together?

Do we understand what it means to be a PART of a body?  It is so tempting to look at those we admire and feel an order to become just like them.  My gifts must match that person I am drawn to…or that person who gets attention…or that person who is electric. We want to be the same. Yes, the Spirit is One and He is living in us-those who have surrendered to the Kingship of Jesus.   But oh, how I wish we can all move forward in our understanding of God’s Great Story- that He thought each of us a unique GREAT IDEA… even before He put us in our mother’s womb.  He wired us and created us just how He wanted us. Unique and tweaked. We are not to be copycats!  We are not to match! We are a different part of one body all designed to make one big masterpiece.

  In the picture above, all are trying to make their contribution to the great masterpiece, just like us in this big world. Each bringing their beautiful little selves to the project of the afternoon- and also their maturity or lack of. Which of these characters are you?  The “Experienced”-the one with a plan and who has spent time learning how to paint. He concentrates and knows what he wants to get done.  The “Delighted”-she paints with a smile as she casually adds her touches.  She enjoys the people around her and the fact that we are doing something together! The “Messy Hard Worker”-who feels she is just the best, and is doing her best…but her best is a mess. However, it is still art and she loves doing what she does.  Last and not least, is the “Inexperienced”-the one with good intentions, but he does a great job of eventually getting paint everywhere and on everyone. His strokes go over other people’s work and seems to undue a lot..but he is trying and his part is valuable!!! Maybe we can identify with all of these in different ways.

We have to remember….the big picture of the Great Story!

It is the Spirit’s job to grow us, mature us, undue some things, prune some things, build some things, and just make some things happen. We can be stuck sometimes…not painting at all, because we are afraid. We are not being and doing what He created us to be and do.  We know we are not the “Experienced” one or we don’t want to be a disappointment. Do we know that He loves us and accepts us?  Yes, we are more immature, selfish and broken than we ever thought…but at the same time, we are more loved and accepted than we ever imagined! He is in charge of sifting through and showing us what needs to grow and change and what needs to stay the same.

Regardless, we must paint!

But we must be ready to say sorry if our paint gets on someone that doesn’t like it, while laughing with another who doesn’t mind sharing paint and splatters. The story of God continues to be lived out by all of us who follow the Great King. To the “Experienced” ones: have humble patience and offer direction. To those who are new to using their gifts: have humble attempts and stay teachable. The body works together. One’s tweaks will sharpen or soften another’s. We should be living and be amazed at His work and our mess-ups, all being used in the writing of His glorious story.

So go….have fun…..paint!!!!!

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