RV Road Trip – Week 1

Getting on the RV and heading out of our familiar city caused all kinds of emotions. Mostly butterflies and surprise that we actually followed through and were now committed to 8 weeks away from a grounded home. As we headed through the hot windy desert towards San Diego, more dangerous feelings and thoughts started to swarm up. The excitement was still there, but the twinges of vulnerability were undeniable. The windy desert eerily blew sand across the highway and we felt the repercussions on the vehicle. Car sickness set in for those in the backend while we bobbed up, down, side to side. Thoughts of, “what in the world are we doing!” poked at me. I could see that Jeff’s outward excitement was replaced with a more quiet, focused, and committed “to safety” demeanor.  I calmed myself down by reminding myself that this was not a spontaneous thing that we have done. We had planned, talked, prayed… we knew this was the road we were to set on for this summer of 2014.

It has been a week now on the road. We have settled into some sort of a groove. It has been hilarious for Jeff and I to learn how to communicate and work as a team with something new, like an RV. After 15 years of marriage you get used to each other, who does what, how we manage the four kids and a home. But this… an RV, a home on the road, has definitely upset our rhythm. So humbling, so challenging, many opportunities to breathe and be grace and patience.  For the sinful moments there must be responsibility… much room for “I’m sorry” and “will you forgive me”. You are forced to resolve, because you can not escape each other-ha! I am seeing a team effort being born. The kids are starting to see when it is time to offer their opinions and also when it is time to just sit down, shut up, and watch mommy and daddy. The chaos, overwhelming excitement, newness, unsettledness has simmered down. We are getting to know each other in newer, deeper ways. It reminds me of our year that we homeschooled. Constant experiences together. Good and bad… easy and difficult.  Beauty and growth nonetheless.

We have been blessed with gorgeous beach experiences, unbelievable West Coast sights, and amazingly generous people along the way. The stops we have made to Greg Skeens, the Bajari’s, Josh & Margie Harper’s, and the Buckley’s  have been nothing shy of miracles for us. In their own ways, each stop has infused life and hope into our hearts. It is so fun to see different places all in a row and so many different lives, homes, communities. People are life-changing.

We have decided to cut the amount of miles we travel in half. We will no longer be going all the way to the Mid West. The gas mileage for the RV is not as good as we had planned for. This has been a heartbreaking decision, since there were many friends and family we were so excited to see on that side of the country.  We feel led to make a decision to continue to simplify and accept the challenge to slow down and enjoy the ground we will cover. Onto the Redwoods to see some big trees!

On the road…



Encinitas Beach




 Family party at Greg’s





Malibu RV Park



The beautiful West Coast


Santa Barbara BeachIMG_1609_2


Pismo BeachIMG_1623_2






Carmel by the SeaIMG_3257_2



Visiting the Bajaris



California BeautyIMG_1799

Driving some more…IMG_1709_2


Saw some Elephant seals on the wayIMG_1745

Walking around Earthbound Farm

Fresh raspberries for the picking


Visiting Marjie and Josh Harper in Oakland


Enjoyed some time at Phil & Moriah’s home in San Raphael, CAIMG_1935



3 thoughts on “RV Road Trip – Week 1

  1. Hi Amy and Jeff, I sure enjoyed your news letter and photos. We live in Adrian Or. We are eastern Or next to the Idaho boarder. If you kids get this way know that your always welcome. We would love to see you and your family. We are 50 miles from Boise and 40 miles from Ontario Or. You kids take care and enjoy your adventure. Keeping you all in my prayers for traveling mercies. love, aunt Jo

  2. How wonderful! A FB friend of mine decided to do the same thing and he and his family joined a circus type fair to experience the life! 3 kids, wife and an RV. They traveled all over and met their FB friends! It was a blast…

  3. What beautiful pictures! 🙂  It is great to see what you have been up to this week.  Love to you all! 

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