RV Road Trip- Week 7

We loved our time in Denver Colorado with Hank Schepemaker. The guys grilled and drank beer…


Kids played in a big rain and thunderstorm…




Enjoyed video games and a basement away from adults…


played with toys… away from adults


enjoyed the jacuzzi and trampoline in the backyard


My sexy husband that looks like a model in this pic:) and is going to hate me for posting this. Sorry babes your just too hot not to show off…


went to an old bookstore in downtown Denver


picked yummy sour cherries off Hank’s tree in his backyard.


When we left Hanks, we had sad kids. I think they enjoyed staying put in a comfy place for a few days. The next week we were on the road and not sure where we were going and it made week 7 a more difficult one. When the kids asked, “where are we going now?” Jeff and I had not much of an answer. All we knew is that we needed to be in Payson, AZ in 5 whole days, so we drove and went with the flow, and we sure felt the consequences of not having clear direction. The family felt tired, insecure, unsettled and even dangerously intense.

Danger is not always a “bad” or negative thing. It can be scary yes, but it is either productive or destructive. We are definitely sick of being in a small space with each other. We long for activities a part from each other, which help us enjoy others and miss each other. We also long for space away, or alone time. These circumstances are dangerous. We are on a roller coaster of productive and destructive. Our human natures battle with the Spirit of peace, joy and love. It has us as parents in a desperate state of surrender. When all seems destroyed and there is division and dark crabby space we long and pray for redemption. “Can You redeem this? Can you show us more and heal, grow, and deepen these hearts of ours?”

Then it happens. Not always immediately, but at some point something happens. Something breaks and changes. In a split second, because of a true conversation, a genuine apology, forgiveness given, someone willing to be the hero, maturity displayed… we experience shalom. We are able to sit and enjoy, relish that which is around us, spirit singing inside and sometimes out, all is well. He is able and we are delighted that He knows what He is doing.

This up and down matches the driving and scenery we see in Colorado. The nature outside the RV window can seem just “ok” on our barometer of beauty. The mountains are kind of pretty… the trees are kind of alive… the sky is pretty, I guess. But then all of sudden, with the turn of the road we are taken to the other side of the mountain and our eyes notice the change. As we drive, the mountains, grass, trees and skyline starts producing. It builds and then the moment comes. The awe. The wow!… This is breathtaking. The Creator is alive. The creation displays His artistry and joy.

Our family life in this 7th week, and many times in our daily life at home remind me of this process. The up and down, the ugh this is miserable vs. Wow this is amazing. Real relationships take work. We can be selfish and we can hurt each other in this selfishness. You can’t just sweep this under the rug and hope it goes away. It takes work and effort to own it, confess it, and allow room for the destruction to heal, grow, and deepen our intimacy in our relationships. The world we live in is in a mixture of death, just ok… and amazing beautiful surroundings and circumstances. The nature around us is in a battle that matches the hearts of men and women. The world to come will not suffer from this battle. Creatures and creation will not be limited by the death that comes from sin, otherwise known as selfishness. Only productive work and satisfying effort will pleasure us. There will be One who brings about this creative, diverse, right order. Do you know who this One is? Have you met Him, in your heart and mind? Have you met Him in your quiet places? He is the only One that fills us and supernaturally gives us the power to not choose ourselves, not choose selfishness.

We made it to garden of the gods


Jeff’s emotions coming out in his funny faces as he drives 6 crabby on edge people


Decided to start writing and drawing out our “Family Story” since we were bored and getting in trouble. Each morning we sat and worked on a timeline: starting from when our family began and recorded all the gleaming “good”, “bad” and facts of our life together so far. This was amazing to give ear to each heart about all the different homes we have lived in, the changes and challenges. Very powerful.


We heard screams of delight when we crossed the border back into our home state of Arizona. It was hilarious to see the excitement.

We enjoyed seeing the Grand Canyon

and camped at Reservation lake for some fishing and off the grid time

kids playing with their home made whips in Walmarts parking lot our last night before getting into the youth camp for our last week of the trip.


This week, our last week… we are up at Neighborhood Ministry’s Jr. High camp. Jeff is the camp speaker for the second year and boy are the people precious. Our kids are loving the friendships and love of the people while having freedom to do activities. I am thankful that I get to see my family eat 3 meals a day that I don’t have to cook. We are enjoying the cool weather and stars at night, while preparing our hearts to return to the hot valley.




One thought on “RV Road Trip- Week 7

  1. I have enjoyed reading your “diary” of the trip! You truly have a gift of writing! Your thoughts and insight are wonderful! I am so thankful that the Lord has been revealing such wonderful things to you and that you share them with us. You are truly blessing us in this process! The pictures are awesome, and I actually reminisce about some of our road trips when my kids were young. Sweet Memories!! The memories of the difficulties do not seem to be very strong. Interesting! You are a very special woman and I am very thankful for you! Love you!

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